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Yes, you read that right – it's possible! In this 5-day online classroom bootcamp, you will learn how to build reports and dashboards from scratch with Power BI. You'll get acquainted with all the best practices for working with data in Power BI. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to become officially certified by Microsoft for the PL-300 Power BI Data Analyst & DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals exams.

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Become a Microsoft Power BI Pro in One Week

This bootcamp is ideal for beginners or those who have little experience with Power BI and want to start off right. While more experience and a background as a data professional certainly helps, it is not a requirement. With perseverance and collaboration, we ensure that you develop the skills necessary to become a Power BI Pro. Our structured approach and support guarantee your success, regardless of your starting level.​

From Beginner to Power BI Pro

You Can Do This!

Training, brain, thumps up. Power BI
  • Day 1: Essential Foundations

It might be a bit dry, but a solid foundation is essential. We start with an introduction to Azure Data Fundamentals.

  • Day 2: Dashboard Design Day

This will be fun! We'll build a Power BI dashboard in one day. A practice-focused day with enough theory to optimally prepare you for day 3.

  • Day 3: Data Processing and Analysis

We'll delve deeper into how to use and transform data from various sources, both structured and unstructured. You'll develop skills crucial for working with both simple and complex datasets and preparing this data for in-depth analysis.

  • Day 4: Advanced Data Modeling

You'll learn best practices for modeling data that meet both the technical and business requirements of Power BI. This day focuses on structuring data for effective visualizations and analysis.

  • Day 5: Managing and Sharing Reports and Dashboards

Learn how to strategically, effectively, and securely manage and share reports and dashboards, both within and outside your organization. We conclude the training with a strong foundation in both the technical and management aspects of Power BI.

  • Exam Day: Schedule Yourself

Schedule your exams yourself with the received vouchers. The sooner, the better. You can obtain the Data Analyst PL-300 and Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certifications.

5-Day Power BI Masterclass

From Foundation to Analysis

Data Literacy and Analytical Skills: Understanding how to work with data is essential, whether you are a business professional or an analyst.

Career Advancement: Expertise in data and Power BI opens up opportunities. The DP-900 and PL-300 certifications confirm your skills.

Increased Productivity: Power BI brings focus to the organization by automatically mapping all processes and outcomes. This efficiency saves time and enhances productivity.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Organizations thrive when decisions are made based on data rather than intuition.

Data & Power BI Training
Including the DP-900 & PL-300 Certification

Valuable for Everyone

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Summer Training Dates (€2345,- incl. certificate vouchers)
17-21 juni, Online, Nederlands *vol, wachtlijst
24-28 juni, Online, Nederlands
15-19 July, Online, English
29 juli - 2 augustus, Online, Nederlands
12-16 augustus, Online, Nederlands
Individual or Business?

The Mastery

We’re the virtuous at the crossroads of business, people, and low-code technology, focusing on Microsoft Power Platform and AI. Our founder’s ex-Microsoft insights, coupled with a track record of guiding over 500 companies, are you gateway to excellence. Get ready for resonant results.

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