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How BlitzAdvisy Started?

A note from our Founder - Sharona Plasmeijer

My life at Microsoft was exciting and all about data, AI, innovation, and sales.

Until one day, it wasn't. Laid off.

Yep, even at the giants' halls, the ground can shift beneath your feet. It was hard, not gonna lie, but it wasn't the end; it was the twist I never knew I needed.

So there I was, with a choice; wait it out for another opportunity in the big machine or take a dive closer to home, and closer to a dream I'd been nurturing since my days of hustling Christmas trees on the street corners, I can tell you that's a very long time ago.

Choosing the latter, I leaned into my entrepreneurial spirit, the same one that had me almost selling innovative watches (no patent, lesson learned) and stirring up the tech community with massive networking events. That spirit birthed BlitzAdvisy - my very own startup with a Microsoft twist, focusing on low-code solutions for data and AI challenges.

The start? Rough! A website that wouldn't cooperate, services that refused to sell, and a direction that needed a serious U-turn. But then, things started to click! By month one, we hit €6985 in revenue, teaching companies how to harness their data and kickstarting projects with proof of concepts.

At BlitzAdvisy, we're not your typical tech consultancy. We're a laid-back group, but don't let that fool you. We're serious about turning data into insights and businesses into successes.

Looking for that golden cherry on top of you data landscake? Welcome to BlitzAdvisy - Microsoft boutique partner specializing in Fabric, Power BI, Copilot, and Power Automate.


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