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Our Kick-Start Solution service is engineered for speed and efficiency, propelling your business forward without delay. Experience a rapid yet thorough transformation process, where insightful brainstorming leads to a tangible PoC in just 2-5 weeks.

Streamlined Innovation, Swift Execution

Kick-Start Solution

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What We Offer

Fast-Track to Innovation

Intensive Strategy, Rapid Deployment

Intensive, multi-perspective sessions to capture your vision.

Stakeholder Brainstorming

Laying the groundwork based on clear requirements and ambitions.

Draft Architecture

Delivering a comprehensive PoC that embodies your strategy and insights, risk-free.

A-to-Z Mini Solution

Empowering you to make informed decisions for your business's future.

Visible Insights

No frills, just focused efficiency from start to finish.

Streamlined Process

Injecting pace into every step to deliver swift outcomes.

Blitz Boost

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Insight-Driven, Strategy-Infused

Realize Your Vision Faster

Accelerate your journey from concept to PoC with our rapid deployment.

Speed to Market

Leverage tangible insights for a smarter 'What's Next' plan.

Informed Decision-Making

We equip you with the knowledge to build and lead an effective internal team.

Strategic Empowerment

Who It's For

Visionaries & Go-Getters

Dynamic, Decisive, Driven

Are you ready to kick-start your project with precision and pace?

Our solution is tailored to bring your concepts to life, offering a clear plan for what comes next, complete with actionable advice and deep insights.

Find answers to your questions, including: "Is what we have in mind feasible?", "How can we realize this?", and "What is the ratio between value and costs?"

Reach out today to supercharge your strategy with our swift and streamlined approach. Let's create success together!

Ignite Your Project with Precision

*The duration of our Kick-Start Solution service ranges from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on your collaboration speed. This timeframe is an average estimate and may vary. Following the delivery of the final PoC and the comprehensive 'What's Next' plan, the decision to proceed with further development through our Power Platform Rollout and/or Data Platform Deployment services rests entirely with you. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary tools and insights to make the best decision for your business's future.

Explore our diverse range of BlitzAdvisy services designed to empower your success. From strategic consulting to innovative solutions, we're here to help you digitalize and boost your business with data, AI, and automation!

Our other services

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Data Platform Deployment

Kick-Start Solution

Power BI Rollout

Kick-Start Solution

Data Platform Deployment

Power BI Rollout

Knowledge Boost

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