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Virtual CTO as a Service

Unique strategic clarity and simplified tech-business alignment in 3 months. Our CaaS offering provides leadership and actionable strategies for a truly impactful digital transformation.

Ask BlitzAdvisy Anything as a Service

Exclusive expert brainstorming and Q&A support. Engage with our team anytime for immediate answers and expert advice tailored to your business.

3-Day Impact PoC

Rapid, real-world results with our unique 3-day Proof of Concept (PoC). Experience transformative solutions quickly and risk-free for your challenges and problems.


A unique combination of visionary leadership and diversity in perspective. Her experience, enhanced by a background at Microsoft, brings innovation to our technology and business solutions.

Hands-On Implementation Services

Uniquely hands-on in turning strategy into action. Our team expertly implements solutions that convert data into insights, let you talk to your data, and automate processes.

Focused on Cutting-Edge Tech and Microsoft SaaS

Specializing in the latest Microsoft technologies like Power Platform, Fabric, Copilot, and ChatGPT. We're dedicated to modern, Low-Code, AI, Microsoft, and SaaS-only solutions.

Flexible Subscriptions for Continuous Growth

Adaptive subscription plans that grow with you. Our services evolve to meet your changing business needs, providing ongoing support and expertise.

Why Choose BlitzAdvisy? 7 Reasons

Experience the BlitzAdvisy Difference

SMBs often face complex challenges from time-consuming, repetitive tasks to managing growing expenses, and limited resources. Sounds like your business?

Our unique blend of business acumen and forward-thinking tech approach is custom-designed to navigate your specific challenges. We're committed to driving your success with Offerings and Software as a Service!

AI geneneraed image with microsoft designer, human greeting, background with data, proceses, blueprint

As a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner, we specialize in transforming compex challenges into opportunities for SMBs Plus. 

Experience the transformative impact of having a Virtual CTO, the convenience of asking BlitzAdvisy anything at any time, and the support of an expert implementation team. Are you ready to lead your business into a future with growth and innovation?

Digitalize and Boost Your Business with Smart Data & Automation

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Innovating with Microsoft Low-Code, SaaS Solutions

At BlitzAdvisy, we transform data into actionable insights, streamline operations, and build intuitive apps and chatbots. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like; Power BI, ChatGPT, Copilot, Microsoft Designer, Microsoft Fabric, Dataverse, Power Automate, and Power Apps. We ensure your progress never pauses. Empower your business with Low-Code and AI-driven innovation.

Boost your business performance with Power BI, powered by Copilot's AI capabilities. Engage in interactive chats with your data to uncover deep, actionable insights across your company. Go beyond data collection and insights - utlize predictive analytics to proactively stay ahead and decisively act.

Lead the way with the power of data intelligence.

Data Insights with AI

Streamline and elevate your operations with Microsoft Fabric. This SaaS analytics platform integrates seamlessly with all your data sources, enhancing data management and adding intelligence to every solution. Ideal for all your data needs.

Experience the power of a comprehensive smart data platform.

The All-in-One Data Platform

Create advanced applications with Power Apps, perfectly integrated with your data and AI for intuitive experiences. Our solutions are user-friendly and function both online and offline, eliminating paper-based processes and enabling real-time access to essential information.

Adapt and grow with your evolving business needs.

Intelligent App Development

Revolutionize your operations with Power Automate by streamlining 

workflows and automating manual, repetitive tasks. Convert time-consuming processes into efficient systems, freeing up resources. Boost productivity and foster a culture of efficiency and strategic thinking.

Embrace smart automation for a smarter, more forward-thinking business.

AI-Driven Process Automation

Explore our videos to gain insights into how BlitzAdvisy empowers companies through coaching, innovation, strategy, and brainstorming. And not to forget our focus on data, AI, and low-code tech, with Q&A sessions, brainstorming,  training, and of course implementation..

Unlocking Success with BlitzAdvisy

Inspiration, Innovation, Implementation, and Impact

Virtual CTO as a Service

Ask BlitzAdvisy as a Service

3-Day Impact PoC

Rapid Realization Sprint

Want to explore the full suite of our offerings at BlitzAdvisy, where innovation, expertise, and growth come together!

Discover the transformative power of BlitzAdvisy for SMBs plus, where innovation meets execution. Our tailored services are designed to boost your business. With our deep expertise in Microsoft SaaS solutions, AI, data, and low-code technologies, we turn complex challenges into strategic opportunites.

3-Day Impact PoC & Rapid Realization Sprint
Virtual CTO as a Service & Ask BlitzAdvisy as a Service
Expertise in Microsoft SaaS Solutions

Ready to Lead with Technology?

Connect with the Architects of Your Success

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Subscribe for Continuous Growth

Get Your Virtual CTO & 

Expert Access Anytime

Opt for our Virtual CTO as a Service for strategic technology guidance and actionable plans tailored to your business's unique needs. Or choose Ask BlitzAdvisy as a Service for on-demand expert advice and answer to your questions. Whichever path you select, you'll be fostering a culture that thrives on data, automation, and AI. Expert guidance at your fingertips. *Note: Please be aware that our implementation services are separate to our subscription plans, which offer flexibility and can be adjusted or cancelled at any time

Connect, share your story, test us out: We're here to listen and understand your unique business challenges. Reach out to start the conversation and see how our expertise aligns with your needs. - We’re here for you!

1. Contact Us (recommendable)

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'CTO as a Service' or 'Ask BlitzAdvisy as a Service': Select the plan that best fits yhour business. Whether it's strategid guidance or on-demand expert answers. - You have nothing to loose!

2. Choose Your Plan 

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Register for your chosen plan with ease: Our signup process is straightforward and user-friendly. Get started on your path to technological advancement quickly and effortlessly. - It's quick and simple!

3. Sign Up

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We guide and lead with the CTO plan; for the Ask plan, just book via your BlitzAdvisy company dashboard: Schedule your sessions as per your convenience. We're flexible and ready to align with your timeline. -  We’re ready when you are!

4. Book

book a session/meeting

Embrace ongoing progress and innovation: With our services, your journey towards technological excellence and business growth never stops, we ensure your business continuously evolves and thrives. -  Your success is our commitment!

5. Continuously Grow

Organisation growth, plant grows

Tackling Industry Challenges with Smart Solutions

Is This You? Do You Want This?

SMBs across various industries routinely face operational challenges, and consistently meeting customer expectations is key to their success. At BlitzAdvisy, we utilize advanced technologies in our services to effectively address these critical areas. Below are a few potential use cases, each adaptable to the unique needs of your business.

A retail sales manager in sneakers wants to understand recent sales trends to make informed inventory decisions by chatting with their data systems, and receiving suggestions and predictions.

Instant, user-friendly, and clear insights through a simple conversation, great for decision making.

Chat with Your Data for Inventory Decisions

A boutique hotel group utilizes AI to analyze guest preferences and past stay data, tailoring each visit to individual tastes. From customized room settings to preferred dining options, every aspects of a guest's stay is personalized.

Foster brand loyalty that leads to returning guests and positive word-of-mouth and online reviews.

Brand Loyalty Enhancement with Personalized Guest Experience

A clinic employs AI-driven resource management to optimize staff schedules, ensuring adequate coverage during peak times while reducing unnecessary labor costs. This system adapts to patient inflow and staff availability, maintaining high care standards without overburdening resources. 

Streamlined operations, enhanced patient care, smart  staffing solutions.

Efficient Staffing with AI-Driven Resource Management

An event management company uses AI for dynamic pricing strategies, adjusting ticket prices in real-time based on demand, seasonality, and special events. This approach maximizes revenue while maintaining high attendance rates.

Smart pricing for profitable and popular events, adapt pricing intelligently to market demands.

Dynamic Pricing with AI-Driven Revenue Management

An e-commerce brand integrates AI into marketing strategy, automating campaign processes based on customer behaviour and preferences. This system efficienctly segments audiences, personalizes messages, and schedules campaigns, resulting in a more effective and less resource-intensive marketing efforts.

Data and AI-driven automation, relevance in every campaign, unparalleled efficiency.

Automated Marketing Campaigns 

A manufacturing company implements digital solutions to monitor energy usage, reduce waste, and optimize production lines for sustainability This shift not only cuts costs but also enhances the company's environmental footprint.

Make operations more sustainable and efficient, setting new standards.

Digital Solutions for Sustainable and Seamless Operations

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