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Empowering You with Training and with Smart Solutions

That is What We Are Good At

Maximize your capabilities with both ready-made and tailored training sessions, cutting-edge proof of concepts, and seamless deployments. Our expertise lies in Low-Code, AI integration, Microsoft Fabric, and Power BI analytics. We guide you through your digital transformation journey.


Boost your skills with workshops and courses designed to empower your team with the latest in tech and best practices. From beginner to expert.

Proof of Concepts

Turn ideas into reality with rapid prototyping thanks to our expertise. From conceptualizing your vision to a tangible mini solution including an action plan.


Experience smooth and reliable deployment of your digital data solutions. Our approach ensures your projects are on track, within budget, and exceed expectations.

Low-Code Solutions

Accelerate development with Microsoft's no- and low code platforms. We enable businesses to continuously innovate by simplifying everything.

Copilot Integration

Use the power of AI. From predictive analytics to intelligent automation, we integrate AI to transform your operations, making them smarter and more efficient.

Microsoft Fabric

A user-friendly, all-in-one data platform. Our expertise ensures consistency, security, and flexibility, from data lake to end user.

Power BI Analytics

Make informed decisions. Our analytics solutions offer powerful data visualization and insights, turning your data into actionable intelligence to drive growth.


As a boutique Microsoft SaaS AI Cloud Partner, we specialize in transforming complex challenges into simple solutions. Whether you're looking to innovate on a small scale or drive corporation-wide transformation, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Experience the power of a no/low-code and AI-driven data platform, streamline your operations, and explore new strategies. Ready for a future of growth and innovation?

Simplify and Grow with Smart Data & Automation


Founded by a woman and ex-Microsoftie. We bring insider knowledge, unique perspectives to drive innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, and forward-thinking to every project.

Microsoft SaaS Simplified

With Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you pay based on usage, without high upfront investments. It offers scalability, flexibility, and automatic updates, all without worrying about hosting or maintenance. Additionally, it is supported by AI and suitable for no-/low-code development.

Specialization in AI, Data, and Automation

We turn complexity into opportunity, harnessing AI and automation to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. We make the future of business simpler and smarter with Microsoft Fabric, Power BI, Power Platform and Copilot.

Boutique Consultancy Advantage

As a boutique consultancy, we offer personalized, agile, and responsive service. You're not just another client; you're a valued partner, and your success is our top priority.

Quick and Nimble

We are easy-going, we pivot quickly to meet your needs, adapting to changes and challenges with swift, effective solutions. Efficiency without compromise is our guarantee.

Why Choose Us?

Experience the Golden Cherry on Your Tech Cake

We combine sharp business insight with innovative technology solutions, to meet your unique challenges!

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Innovating with Microsoft Low-Code, SaaS Solutions

At BlitzAdvisy, we transform data into actionable insights, streamline operations, and build intuitive apps and chatbots. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like; Power BI, ChatGPT, Copilot, Microsoft Designer, Microsoft Fabric, Dataverse, Power Automate, and Power Apps. We ensure your progress never pauses. Empower your business with Low-Code and AI-driven innovation.

Boost your business performance with Power BI, powered by Copilot's AI capabilities. Engage in interactive chats with your data to uncover deep, actionable insights across your company. Go beyond data collection and insights - utlize predictive analytics to proactively stay ahead and decisively act.

Lead the way with the power of data intelligence.

Data Insights with AI

Streamline and elevate your operations with Microsoft Fabric. This SaaS analytics platform integrates seamlessly with all your data sources, enhancing data management and adding intelligence to every solution. Ideal for all your data needs.

Experience the power of a comprehensive smart data platform.

The All-in-One Data Platform

Create advanced applications with Power Apps, perfectly integrated with your data and AI for intuitive experiences. Our solutions are user-friendly and function both online and offline, eliminating paper-based processes and enabling real-time access to essential information.

Adapt and grow with your evolving business needs.

Intelligent App Development

Revolutionize your operations with Power Automate by streamlining 

workflows and automating manual, repetitive tasks. Convert time-consuming processes into efficient systems, freeing up resources. Boost productivity and foster a culture of efficiency and strategic thinking.

Embrace smart automation for a smarter, more forward-thinking business.

AI-Driven Process Automation

Explore our videos to gain insights into how BlitzAdvisy empowers companies through coaching, innovation, strategy, and brainstorming. And not to forget our focus on data, AI, and low-code tech, with Q&A sessions, brainstorming,  training, and of course implementation..

Unlocking Success with BlitzAdvisy

Inspiration, Innovation, Implementation, and Impact

Knowledge Boost

Insight Workshop

Kick-Start Solution

Data Platform Deployment

Want to explore the full suite of our offerings at BlitzAdvisy, where innovation, expertise, and growth come together!

Discover the transformative power of BlitzAdvisy for your company, where innovation meets execution. Our services are designed to boost your business, and with our expertise we are able to turn complex challenges into strategic opportunites and simple solutions.

Knowledge Boost, Insight Workshop & Kick-Start Solution
Data Platform Deployment & Power Platform Rollout

Microsoft Partner & Experts in SaaS, no/low-code technologies

Boosting businesses through innovation, data, AI, and automation with Microsoft SaaS solutions. That's BlitzAdvisy!

Ready to Lead with Technology?

Connect with the Architects of Your Success

man on the phone talking to customer, with coffee and a laptop, in an office

Achieve Excellence, Shape Your Tomorrow

How We Help You

Dive into the future with confidence and clarity. In a world where the pace of change accelerates daily, our mission is to not only keep you ahead but also redefine the pace itself. We harness technologies that astonish in both their power and simplicity, with Microsoft Fabric, Power BI, Copilot, Power Automate, and Power Apps. But it’s not just about the tools; it’s about empowering you with the knowledge and strategies essential for transformative growth. Together, we’ll turn challenges into opportunities and ideas into impactful realities. 

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Get Your Virtual CTO & 

Expert Access Anytime

Opt for our Virtual CTO as a Service for strategic technology guidance and actionable plans tailored to your business's unique needs. Or choose Ask BlitzAdvisy as a Service for on-demand expert advice and answer to your questions. Whichever path you select, you'll be fostering a culture that thrives on data, automation, and AI. Expert guidance at your fingertips. *Note: Please be aware that our implementation services are separate to our subscription plans, which offer flexibility and can be adjusted or cancelled at any time

Connect, share your story, test us out: We're here to listen and understand your unique business challenges. Reach out to start the conversation and see how our expertise aligns with your needs. - We’re here for you!

1. Contact Us (recommendable)

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'CTO as a Service' or 'Ask BlitzAdvisy as a Service': Select the plan that best fits yhour business. Whether it's strategid guidance or on-demand expert answers. - You have nothing to loose!

2. Choose Your Plan 

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Register for your chosen plan with ease: Our signup process is straightforward and user-friendly. Get started on your path to technological advancement quickly and effortlessly. - It's quick and simple!

3. Sign Up

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We guide and lead with the CTO plan; for the Ask plan, just book via your BlitzAdvisy company dashboard: Schedule your sessions as per your convenience. We're flexible and ready to align with your timeline. -  We’re ready when you are!

4. Book

book a session/meeting

Embrace ongoing progress and innovation: With our services, your journey towards technological excellence and business growth never stops, we ensure your business continuously evolves and thrives. -  Your success is our commitment!

5. Continuously Grow

Organisation growth, plant grows

Be Smart, Boost Your Business Growth

Innovate with Microsoft's Low-Code, AI, and SaaS Solutions

Utilize advanced technologies in your operations to effectively manage critical areas. BlitzAdvisy helps you! We ensure your progress never pauses.

Instant, user-friendly, and clear insights through reports with visualization and a simple natural language conversation with your data. Great for a better understanding for everyone in the organization, and predicting purposes.

Power BI and Copilot - business intelligence boost your business.

Empower Decision-Making by Analyzing and Chatting with Your Data

Transform your data landscape, streamline and elevate your operations. Seamlessly integrate with various data sources, enhance your data management, and infuse intelligence into every aspect of your data solutions. A unified platform that simplifies complex data processes and delivers actionable insights. Ideal for all types of data needs.

Microsoft Fabric – where every piece of data becomes a part of your success story.

Optimize Operations with the All-in-One Smart Data Platform

Transform your application creation. Experience rapid development and adaptability, with a user-friendly interface that functions smoothly both online and offline. Eliminate paper-based processes and embrace the efficiency of real-time access and input.

Power Apps – where application development innovation meets practicality.

Revolutionize Your App Development with Ease

Streamline your workflows and operations, automate manual tasks that consume valuable time. Transform time-consuming processes into efficient, automated systems, freeing up your resources for more strategic initiatives. Boost productivity and cultivate a culture of efficiency and innovative thinking within your organization.

Power Automate - fostering a smarter, more forward-thinking approach to operations.

Transform Your Workflow with AI-Driven Process Automation

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